About Us

dtlogoDTermined Athletics is a youth basketball program for boys ages 7-17 and girls ages 7 -17, which takes place at a safe and secure environment in Corona, California. DTermined Athletics consists of specialized training & workout sessions, Team DTermined – a travel basketball team and an annual basketball youth camp. Designed by the DTermined Athletics Basketball Programs Head Coach, DaShaun Thomas, DTermined Athletics aims to promote confidence and experience in a variety of different game situations. It is also aimed at improving individual skills, knowledge of the game, as well as experience in team bonding and pre-season training regimes.

Values: The Choice is MINE. The DTERMINED Values are as follows:
D – Decisiveness
T – Tenacity
E – Encourage
R – Relentless
M – Mental Toughness
I – Integrity
N – Never Quit
E – Energy
D – Determination

For more information on DTermined Athletics – Specialized Training & Workout, Team DTermined – Travel Basketball Team, and/or Annual Youth Basketball Camp, please contact us by email or call +1 (951) 965-0358.