Team DTermined

005What is the Vision of Team DTermined?
Team DTermined exists to provide a high quality youth basketball program where players learn team concepts and team skills from staff who are DTermined to bring out the best in all athletes.

What is the Mission of Team DTermined?
The Mission of Team DTermined is to prepare the serious minded player for the game of basketball and the game of life by providing great opportunities for exposure and high quality competition.

What does it cost to participate in the program?
All Team DTermined players are required to pay a $150 monthly fee. Our program goal is to provide the best product at the lowest possible rate.
Fees: Monthly Fees will include the following:
• Tournaments
001• Practices
• Coach’s stipend

• Community Involvement and Team activities etc.

All fees are due on the 1st of each month and will be considered late after the 10th of each month. A $25 late fee will be charged for payments received after the 10th of the month. Late payments will incur a $10 daily fee beginning on the 12th of each month in addition to the $25.00 late fee.

Are there any additional costs?
1) Registration Fee. Our program will have annual registration fees of $250. This fee will cover:

• Practice gear
002• 2 sets of uniforms (Home/Away)
• Package of DTermined Apparel
• Team Bag with a name badge

2) Additional Fees for Out-State Tournaments
3) Additional tournament costs such as family entry fees (approximately $8-$10 per person and parking fees)
4) Training: Individual Training and group training fees (this is optional)
5) An one time fundraiser fee of $50.00 per participant/family (there will be fundraising opportunities or payout)

What commitment level is required for the Program?

Travel Ball requires a serious commitment from the individual player as well as the family. Time is a huge commitment involving practice time, tournament time, travel time and community involvement time. Family members are required to donate time for our 003sponsored tournaments.
We provide 2 program options to meet your commitment level:

1. Year round: September – July
2. Spring/Summer Session: March – July

How are players selected for the Teams?
Each athlete must attend a tryout to be evaluated for team placement. Tryouts are held in September for the year round session and in February for the Spring/Summer Session. Athletes will be notified within 2 days of the tryout of their selection and team placement.

How are the teams organized?
Our teams will consist of 8-14 year old athletes. The divisions are based on age: 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, 14u. Each team will consist of 8-10 players. In the event there are 16-20 players for a particular division, we may elect to have two teams- an East Team and a West Team.

When are the practices?
Practice will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The times will be announced during the fall. The duration of practice will be 1.5 hours for each practice. Practices will be as intense as our basketball games.

How often will the teams participate in tournaments?
Our program will participate in a tournament for a tournament/month in the months of October, November and December. We will participate in a minimum of 2 tournaments/month beginning in January through July. Our goal is to compete on a national level at least twice a year.

Will all players receive equal playing time?
No. Playing time will be based on coach’s discretion.

What are the expectations of the coaches?
All Coaches are required to be USA Youth Basketball and CPR Certified. This level of certification points to our commitment of holding our coaches to high standards as we develop today’s youth for future performance.

Is training available to travel ball players?
Yes. Training is highly encouraged for development. Training will be available to all athletes under our program for a discounted rate. DTERMINED Athletics will also sponsor a free training session during the year.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
DaShaun Thomas at 951.965.0358 or by email.